About Wafra Environmental

Wafra Environmental Consulting & Solutions Company is a Kuwait-based firm that focuses on addressing various environmental challenges. Our team of experts is dedicated to finding effective and sustainable solutions to protect and preserve our planet. With our extensive knowledge and experience, we strive to make a positive impact on the environment and promote a greener future.

windmill on grass field during golden hour
windmill on grass field during golden hour

Our principles

Environmental Stewardship

green plant
green plant

Innovation and Technology

Collaboration and Partnerships

We are committed to preserving and protecting the environment through responsible and sustainable practices.

We leverage cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions to address complex environmental challenges.

We believe in fostering strong collaborations and partnerships to achieve collective environmental goals.

Mohammed AL-Sayegh

Meet the Founder

Ph.D. in Ecology - Arizona State University

Senior Ecologist - Ecological Society of America

Environmental Consultant & Expert